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Master Jeweler Andrea Gottschalk Unikat Fine Jewelry Storefront

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My name is Andrea Gottschalk, sole owner and jeweler of Unikat Fine Jewelry in little Las Vegas New Mexico, not to mix up with Nevada! Here I have an actual physical store in a beautiful historic downtown area.

I was born and raised in Weinheim, Germany and graduated High School in 1985. As a young girl I dreamed of seeing the world someday. When I was 16 years old another dream merged with the travel desire and my interest in becoming a professional jeweler grew out of what once was my passionate hobby. After completing High School I left Germany to follow my travel spirit and combined my interest in jewelry making by apprenticing with many different master jewelers around the world while traveling! I learned various styles of jewelry making techniques with hands-on experience through one-on-one training that gave me an invaluable schooling of this wonderful craft.

After nearly 2 years of travel, I did return to Germany to attend the Gold-Smithing School in Pforzheim, a small city in the Black Forest famous for clock and jewelry-making. I attended the school for one year but my yearning to live in the Southwest of the United States where my travels originally began could not be ignored anymore. In 1988 it pulled me back to New Mexico.

After living and working in Santa Fe, NM for several years working as a jeweler for many reputable jewelry stores and manufacturing companies, I eventually moved to this smaller and much quieter town, Las Vegas New Mexico. Here I was able to fulfill my lifelong dream to have my own jewelry store! I opened Unikat Fine Jewelry and have been serving the public since 1998!

I love what I do and am proud to sell one-of-a-kind pieces that I hand-fabricate myself from scratch with occasional manufactured parts integrated when cost of labor is not feasible for the end price of the piece.

I do accept custom orders with your choice of stones, personalized size requests and designs that are uniquely yours!

Please enjoy browsing this website for my jewelry that is unique and of the highest quality!

Thank you for choosing Unikat Fine Jewelry and letting me be your choice jeweler!


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