Unikat In The News

Master jeweler Andrea Gottschalk Unikat Fine Jewelry Storefront

Photo credit: Sharon Vandermeer

Small Business, Big Heart: Unikat Fine Jewelry, by Sharon Vandermeer, 2020

"Unikat Fine Jewelry opened its doors in Las Vegas, N.M., in May of 1998. Owner Andrea Gottschalk has been a self-employed jeweler since 1988 and subcontracted with many jewelry stores in the Santa Fe and Las Vegas area prior to opening her own gallery. Her store at 160 Bridge St., provides space for seven large showcases and plenty of room for paintings, Navajo rugs and other wall art."


Charity Auction: 18kt Gold Uvavorite Ring by Andrea Gottschalk

"Andrea Gottschalk fine-tuned her natural talent by attending gold smithing school in Germany, and has been making jewelry since she was sixteen. She gets as much enjoyment from seeing people’s reactions when they buy her jewelry as she does creating it."


Artisan Jeweler Andrea Gottschalk Unikat Fine Jewelry Gallery

Photo credit: Sharon Vandermeer

Jewelry Artisan and Entrepreneur: Making Art Into A Business, by Sharon Vandermeer, 2016

"Being in business is a challenge and an opportunity all wrapped up in one great adventure. When you’re good at it, you share your expertise with others who are dipping a toe into the entrepreneurial waters. With more than thirty years of experience under her belt, Andrea Gottschalk of Unikat Fine Jewelry has grown her business and reached out to help others."