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Ammonite Ear Studs

Ammonite Ear Studs

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Discover the captivating beauty of our Ammonite Ear Studs – an ode to your unique earthy style.

These exquisite studs showcase a Moroccan Ammonite, bezel-set with a mesmerizing sand grain design on the outer edge. Crafted entirely from Sterling Silver, the studs measure 24x20mm, making them a striking statement of your natural elegance.

🌿 Moroccan Ammonite, a testament to Earth's artistry.

🌿 Intricate sand grain design for a touch of texture.

🌿 Sterling Silver craftsmanship for lasting quality.

🌿 Express your individuality through earthy elegance.

🌿 Symbolic of change/transformation; positive energy and movement; ancient wisdom.

Elevate your style with the essence of ancient landscapes. These Ammonite Ear Studs are more than jewelry – they're a reflection of your connection to the natural world.

Order now and make a bold statement!

*Note: Due to the unique nature of ammonite fossils, each pair of studs is distinctive, ensuring a one-of-a-kind accessory. 

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