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Boulder Opal Ring with Amethyst

Boulder Opal Ring with Amethyst

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Step it up a notch and celebrate the union of beauty and adornment with our handcrafted Boulder Opal Ring with Amethyst – an exquisite masterpiece in 14KY gold that captivates the heart.

This ring features a free-form approximately 15x11mm Boulder Opal, a mesmerizing centerpiece that exudes natural allure. The addition of 4x4mm triangular Amethyst accents on the sides adds a touch of elegance and refinement, all expertly crafted in stunning 14KY solid gold.

🌟 Free-form approximately 15x11mm Boulder Opal for unmatched beauty.

🌟 4x4mm triangular Amethyst accents on the sides, adding an elegant touch.

🌟 Meticulously crafted in 14KY solid gold for enduring allure.

🌟 Energetic qualities:  hope, purity and truth; spark creativity and joy of life; improves eyesight; eases addiction; sobriety; mental clarity; improved decision-making and intuition. 

Experience the enchanting charm of our Boulder Opal Ring with Amethyst, a testament to the allure of gemstone beauty and the art of personal adornment. 

Discover the magic of this exquisite piece that blends opulence and refinement.

Order now and celebrate the captivating beauty that comes with adorning yourself with the finest gemstones in 14KY solid gold.

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