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Carved Face Labradorite Ring

Carved Face Labradorite Ring

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Embrace the embodiment of wisdom, strength and protection with our hand-set Carved Face Labradorite Ring.

This exquisite piece showcases a 10mm round Labradorite cabochon adorned with a carved face, intricately bezel-set on top of a concave shank. The shank elegantly tapers from wide to narrow at the bottom, all meticulously crafted from solid Sterling Silver.

🔮 10mm round Labradorite cabochon with a carved face, exuding wisdom and knowing.

🔮 Intricate bezel-setting on a concave shank for timeless allure.

🔮 Shank elegantly tapers from wide to narrow, adding a touch of uniqueness.

🔮 Energetic qualities: tremendously spiritual; strong protector; temper negativity; transformation; enhancing strength of will and inner worth.

Experience the captivating charm of our Carved Face Labradorite Ring, a symbol of your connection to inner wisdom and strength. This ring is more than just jewelry; it's a reflection of the depth you carry within.

Order now and celebrate the strength that radiates from adorning yourself with such a unique and meaningful gemstone.

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