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Citrine Ring

Citrine Ring

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Experience the clarity and brightness of our Citrine Ring – an exquisite piece that radiates positivity and allure.

This ring features a 4x6mm oval faceted yellow Citrine, delicately set in a 4-prong low setting. The smooth half-round shank, expertly crafted from high-polished solid Sterling Silver, adds a touch of elegance to this clear and vibrant gemstone.

☀️ 4x6mm oval faceted yellow Citrine for a clear and bright aura.

☀️ 4-prong low setting enhances the gemstone's brilliance.

☀️ Smooth half-round shank in high-polished Sterling Silver for timeless elegance.

☀️ Energetic qualities: joyous; sunshiny; 'success stone' or 'money stone'; counter depression and negative energy; beneficial for backache, liver, spleen, digestive system and bladder issues. 

Elevate your style with the uplifting presence of Citrine, a gemstone that resonates with clarity and positivity. This ring is more than just jewelry; it's a reflection of the radiant energy you exude.

Discover the magic of our Citrine Ring and bask in the luminous beauty it adds to your ensemble.

Order now and celebrate the clear and bright elegance that this exquisite gemstone brings to your jewelry collection.

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