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Copper Plated Hematite Bracelet

Copper Plated Hematite Bracelet

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Experience the allure of modern glitz with our Copper Plated Hematite Bracelet – an exquisite piece that captures contemporary elegance.

This bracelet features 4x6mm hexagon-shaped Copper Plated Hematite Beads artfully interspersed with 2mm square beads. Meticulously strung on flex wire and finished with a copper lobster clasp, the bracelet measures 8 inches in length, radiating a captivating charm.

✨ 4x6mm hexagon-shaped Copper Plated Hematite Beads and 2mm square beads for modern glitz.

✨ Flex wire and copper lobster clasp ensure secure fastening.

✨ 8-inch length that adorns your wrist with a touch of elegance.

✨ Energetic qualities: strength; confidence; willpower; reliability; initiative; optimism; reduces inflammation. 

✨ Pair with our Copper Plated Hematite Necklace and Earrings for a full set!

Indulge in the enchanting beauty of our Copper Plated Hematite Bracelet – a reflection of your modern sense of style and affinity for contemporary jewelry.

Complete your ensemble with a matched set by pairing this bracelet with our Copper Plated Hematite Bead Earrings and Necklace.

Order now and celebrate the captivating allure of modern glitz that this exquisite set brings to your jewelry collection.

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