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Ethiopian Opal Ear Studs in 14KY Gold

Ethiopian Opal Ear Studs in 14KY Gold

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Add a bright spot to your day and uplift your spirits with our Ethiopian Opal Ear Studs in 14KY Gold.

Each stud features a 4mm round fiery Ethiopian Opal, intricately bezel-set in 14KY solid Gold. These exquisite ear studs are more than just jewelry; they're a radiant reminder of the joy and positivity that can light up your every moment.

✨ 4mm round fiery Ethiopian Opal exudes vibrant allure.

✨ Bezel-set in 14KY solid gold for enduring elegance.

✨ A reflection of brightness and positivity to uplift your spirits.

✨ Energetic qualities: luck and magic; emotional intensifier; strengthens the will to live; shields from negativity.

Discover the magic of these exquisite ear studs that resonate with the allure of vibrant gemstones and the power to brighten even the simplest moments.

Order now and embrace the joy that these studs bring to your jewelry collection.

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