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Himalaya Turquoise and Silver Ring

Himalaya Turquoise and Silver Ring

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Find spiritual groundedness and clarity with our Himalaya Turquoise Ring.

This stunning piece features a 13x9.5mm Himalaya Turquoise, securely bezel-set on an 8mm wide shank that tapers in at the top. Crafted from high-polish solid Sterling Silver, this ring embodies the serene qualities of spiritual groundedness and clarity.

🏔️ 13x9.5mm Himalaya Turquoise for a tranquil aura.

🏔️ 8mm wide shank tapers in at the top for a sleek design.

🏔️ High-polish solid Sterling Silver adds elegance to the piece.

🏔️ Energetic qualities: communication; creative and artistic enthusiasm; understanding; prosperity and success; gathers energy; Throat Chakra; improves resistance to viruses, sore throats and allergies.

🏔️ Birthstone of December. 

Experience the enchanting allure of our Himalaya Turquoise Ring – a true reflection of the inner peace and spiritual clarity that you seek.

Order now and embrace the captivating beauty that this piece brings to your jewelry collection.

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