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Kingman Turquoise Ring with Amethyst

Kingman Turquoise Ring with Amethyst

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Embrace the regal allure of our Kingman Turquoise Ring with Amethyst.

This stunning piece features a 17x12mm Kingman Turquoise cabochon as its centerpiece, accented by 3-2.5mm round Amethyst cabochons on each side. The gemstones are meticulously set on top of a tapered shank crafted from solid Sterling Silver, creating a sense of majesty and elegance.

👑 17x12mm Kingman Turquoise cabochon exudes regal beauty.

👑 Accented by 3-2.5mm round Amethyst cabochons for a touch of royalty.

👑 Solid Sterling Silver adds enduring quality to the piece.

 👑 Energetic qualities: communication; truth and wisdom; creative and artistic enthusiasm; understanding; prosperity and success; gathers energy; Throat Chakra; improves resistance to viruses, sore throats and allergies; sobriety; quell aggression and other physical indulgences; mental acuity; improve decision-making; spiritual balance; intuition and psychic abilities.

👑 Turquoise is the birthstone of December.

Discover the magic of this exquisite ring that transcends fashion, resonating with your distinctive style and the majestic aura it represents.

Order now and embrace the statement that this piece brings to your jewelry collection.

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