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Natural Baltic Amber Pendant

Natural Baltic Amber Pendant

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Embrace the warmth, nurturing, and energy of the sun with our Natural Baltic Amber Pendant.

This exquisite piece features Amber carved in a scalloped shell look, skillfully bezel-set and adorned with outer rim twist wire and scalloped stamping. The overall dimensions of the pendant are 55x35mm, crafted in solid Sterling Silver.

🌞 Amber carved in a scalloped shell design for a radiant aura.

🌞 Bezel-set with intricate outer rim twist wire and scalloped stamping.

🌞 Solid Sterling Silver ensures enduring quality.

🌞 Energetic qualities: absorb negative and release bright, soothing energy; calming; opening and cleansing; courage; improve memory and mental flexibility; renewal of marriage vows and assure promises. 

Wear this pendant as a symbol of the sun's life-affirming energy, a reminder that warmth and nurturing are always within reach.

Order now and embrace the captivating allure of this exquisite piece.

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