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New Mexico Jasper Pendant

New Mexico Jasper Pendant

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Experience grounding and stability with our New Mexico Jasper Pendant.

This piece features a 32x20mm reddish-brown oval New Mexico Jasper cabochon, expertly bezel-set in solid Sterling Silver with a closed back.

🏞️ 32x20mm reddish-brown oval New Mexico Jasper cabochon for a natural touch.

🏞️ Solid Sterling Silver setting ensures quality and durability.

🏞️ Energetic qualities: lift spirits; bring joy, balance inner and outer desires; balance danger and adventure; physically stabilizing, brings well-being, strengthens immune system, heals wounds, purifies the blood.

Wear this pendant as a symbol of your grounded and stable spirit, a reminder of the earth's strength and resilience.

Order now and embrace the captivating allure of this exquisite piece.

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