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Australian Opal Oval Triplet Cabochon Ring Sterling Silver

Australian Opal Oval Triplet Cabochon Ring Sterling Silver

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Indulge in the captivating allure of our Australian Opal Triplet Ring – a true testament to understated refinement.

Gracing your finger is a 10x12mm oval Australian Opal triplet cabochon, elegantly bezel-set on a patterned shank adorned with a swirly design. Crafted from solid Sterling Silver, this ring is a harmonious blend of elegance and affordability.

🌀 10x12mm oval Australian Opal Triplet cabochon for timeless charm.

🌀 Patterned shank with swirly design, showcasing Sterling Silver craftsmanship.

🌀 Opal triplet's layers of onyx, opal, and crystal quartz for mesmerizing allure.

🌀 Revel in the delicate beauty of opal's play of colors.

🌀 Energetic qualities: hope, purity and truth; spark creativity and joy of life; fiery aliveness; improves eyesight; eases addiction. 

🌀 Consider pairing it with our Australian Opal Triplet Earrings for a matched set that embodies elegance.

Experience the enchantment of opal triplets that radiate refined elegance. Complete your ensemble with the exquisite charm of our Australian Opal Triplet Ring.

Order now and discover how beauty and refinement can gracefully intertwine. 

*Note: Each opal triplet possesses its own unique character, making your ring an individual masterpiece.

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