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Unikat Fine Jewelry

Peanut Wood Ear Studs

Peanut Wood Ear Studs

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Find balance and intrigue with our 24x15mm triangular Peanut Wood Stone Ear Studs, a type of petrified driftwood.

Each ear stud features a Peanut Wood stone surrounded by a captivating squiggle wire design, all elegantly crafted in Sterling Silver.

🪨 24x15mm triangular Peanut Wood stone for a unique and earthy look.

🪨 Squiggle wire design adds artistic flair and intrigue.

🪨 Crafted in Sterling Silver for quality and durability.

🪨 Energetic qualities: Earth energy, grounding; spiritual growth; ancestral and ancient wisdom; past life connection; transformation.

Wear these ear studs as a symbol of your inner equilibrium and fascination with the natural world.

Order now and embrace the captivating allure of these exquisite pieces.

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