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Sunstone and Sterling Silver Pendant

Sunstone and Sterling Silver Pendant

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Elevate your style and spirit with our 8x10mm oval natural Sunstone pendant, pictured in the center.

Expertly bezel-set in a low Sterling Silver setting with an open back, this piece captures the essence of the sun's generosity and life-giving energy.

✨ Wear this pendant to ignite your creativity, leadership, and vibrant spirit. Sunstone is believed to infuse its wearer with the expansive energy of the sun.

✨ Crafted with care and precision, the pendant's solid Sterling Silver setting adds elegance and quality. 

✨ Energetic qualities: radiance of the sun; leadership; openness; benevolent; enjoyment of life; cleansing auras and chakras; Base and Sacral Chakras.

✨ Chain sold separately.

Whether you're an artist, a leader, or simply want to embrace life's vibrant possibilities, this Sunstone pendant will become a cherished symbol of your creativity and radiance. Illuminate your journey with its warm, energizing presence. 

Order today and raise your energy through adding this piece to your collection.

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