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Tibetan Turquoise Beaded Necklace

Tibetan Turquoise Beaded Necklace

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Wear a piece of ancient wisdom and safeguard your path with our Tibetan Turquoise necklace.

Crafted from 5mm round Tibetan Turquoise beads, interspersed with Sterling Silver saucer beads, and finished with a Sterling Silver lobster clasp, this 18-inch necklace is more than jewelry—it's a protective amulet.

💫 Tibetan Turquoise is renowned for bringing good fortune into the lives of those who wear it. Feel the currents of luck flowing your way with each bead.

💫 Let the protective energy of Tibetan Turquoise shield you from negative influences. Walk through life with confidence and clarity.

💫 Surround yourself with positive vibrations as you wear this necklace. Invite an aura of abundance and well-being into your daily existence.

💫 Energetic qualities: communication; truth and wisdom; creative and artistic enthusiasm; understanding; prosperity and success; gathers energy; Throat Chakra; improves resistance to viruses, sore throats and allergies.

💫 Birthstone of December.

💫 Pair with our Natural Tibetan Turquoise Bracelet for a complementary look.

Whether you're seeking good fortune, protection, or simply a beautiful addition to your collection, our Tibetan Turquoise necklace is your key to a brighter and more secure future.

Carry its ancient wisdom with you, and let its energy guide you to a life filled with positivity and prosperity.

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