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Zebra Turquoise Ear Studs

Zebra Turquoise Ear Studs

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Discover the power of balance and purification with our Zebra Turquoise Sterling Silver Ear Studs.

These earrings feature a 20X18mm triangular Zebra Turquoise stone, skillfully bezel-set in Sterling Silver with a captivating zebra-style pattern, artfully blackened and polished.

🌟 Zebra Turquoise is renowned for its ability to bring harmony and balance to its wearer. It acts as a stabilizing force, aligning your emotional, physical, and spiritual energies.

🌟 Like a cleansing breeze, Zebra Turquoise has the remarkable quality of purifying the aura.

🌟 When you wear this pendant, it's a reminder that balance is the key to a fulfilled life.

🌟 Energetic qualities: communication; creative and artistic enthusiasm; understanding; prosperity and success; gathers energy; Throat Chakra; improves resistance to viruses, sore throats and allergies. 

🌟 December birthstone. 

Wear these as a stylish and daily reminder to find balance in your life, to cleanse your spirit of negativity, and to embrace a sense of wholeness and well-being.

Let its unique energy guide you toward a more balanced, centered, and purified self.

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